3 points for deciding the right signage installation density

Signs usually need to to play the role depend on the environment, that is to say, if a pile of signage products are stacked together, they have no value, such as the finished products we see in the sign factory. If they are not installed in the designated location, these signs are basically If the product does not bring real value to users and cannot solve problems for users, then this product has no value. However, we found that in a specific scene, when we installed the signage in the right place, these signs without emotional color instantly became lifelike, not only harmonious and unified with the environment, but also brought practical value to the user. We found that in some limited scenarios, to make the signage work, the installation of the signage is very important, and how to control the density is a more important direction. Today we will expand on this issue, and we will discuss it from 3 key points for analyzing signage installation density:

1. It is not the more the better; for a sign factory, it is usually hoped that the buyer’s project can be larger, generally the number of signs is relatively large, and the scope is relatively wide. In fact, when it comes to specific projects, we are faced with the fact that the project is generally bordered, that is to say, signs are installed in this specific space. Therefore, we carry out work in a limited area, which means that there is a density problem in this area, and the installation number of signs is large, the density is larger, and vice versa, the density is smaller. So, is the installation number of signage the more the better? The answer is no. In most scenarios, reasonableness is the best. If the number of signs is too large, it will bring a series of troubles to the process of obtaining information. Not only will the information not be accurate enough, but the entire environmental space will be affected. It becomes messy, so the number of sign installations is not as more as better.

2. The amount of information and the signage should be coordinated; if the number of signs is to be deliberately controlled, it will lead to a new problem, that is, how much information is displayed on the limited number of signs. It can be achieved by changing the size of the signs. In many scenarios, it is not necessary to make all the signs of the same size. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure a reasonable number of signs. On the basis, in order to fully display the information, you can work hard on the size of the signboard.

3. Considering the cost comprehensively; for most commercial signage projects, the sign making itself has a cost. Generally speaking, everyone hopes to reduce the cost as much as possible on the premise that the project is done well, we should comprehensively consider various costs, and the two-pronged approach in quantity and quality is the premise, sort out the valuable core information, discard the dispensable information, and let the limited signs play as much value as possible, This is also an effective way to control the density of signage.

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