4 different signages classified by installation or fixing method

There are many ways to classify signages. For example, we commonly divide them according to materials, usage, and places; each of them can be divided into different categories. In the theory of the signage system, it is also this reason that the specific signage is not bound to a specific classification. In fact, there is another division method that ordinary people can understand better, and that is the installation or fixed method, that is It is said that the classification of the signs is based on the way of how the signs were fixed. This method is not complicated in theory, and it is easier for non-professionals to understand, so we will introduce this classification method of signages in detail. Generally speaking, signage can be divided into the following 4 categories according to the different fixing methods:

  1. Wall mounted type, in the application scenario of conventional door signs, we can see a lot of wall mounted signs, some are light boxes, some are luminous characters, and some are digital smart signs, these types of signs have one thing in common is that they are all located on the outside of the wall, so we collectively refer to them as wall amounted signs;
  2. Hanging type, for common aisles in some public places, there will be a lot of hanging signages on the top of the head. This is a typical hanging type sign. There are relatively many types of hanging signage, some of which are guide signs, some are guide signs, some are emergency or warning signs, and their common form is that they need to be hung on the ceiling with the help of a steel frame, so we collectively call such signs as hanging signs;
  3. Vertical signs. In commercial shopping malls, there will also be many standing signs on the ground, some of which are billboards for businesses, and some public service-oriented signs, which are directly located at a certain position on the ground. No matter what the function of the signage is, what they have in common is that they are directly erected on the ground, so we collectively call this type of signal a vertical signage or ground signage;
  4. Roof mounted type, the roof is also a good place to install signs, especially for high-rise buildings, the luminous characters on the roof are more common. Many of these luminous characters on the roof are fixed by brackets. Yes, some have embedded parts, and some have reserved installation positions for luminous characters on the curtain wall. It is relatively simple. Generally speaking, the signs used in these rooftop places are all located on the roof, so they are called roof mounted signages;

We have roughly divided the signs according to the way of installation and fixation. In fact, there are many sub-categories in each category, but when it comes to the individual attributes of a sign, there are different details in the same category, the classified signs can be subdivided into different categories. Therefore, some of the classification methods we mentioned are not fixed. Specifically, they still need to be determined according to the actual situation.

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