abcMix Attend Dubai Advertising Fair Held in Dubai on Jan, 2020

abcMix Attend Dubai Advertising Fair Held in Dubai on Jan, 2020

Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates and the capital of one of the seven emirates of the country.

Located in the middle of the Middle East, Dubai is a flat desert land facing the Persian Gulf. The area is about 4114 square kilometers, accounting for 5.8% of the total area of ​​the UAE, ranking second after Abu Dhabi. The population is approximately 3,392,408 (June 2020), accounting for approximately 41.9% of the UAE’s population, making it the most populous city. In 2016, the GDP of the Emirate of Dubai was 102.9 billion U.S. dollars.

Dubai is the economic and financial center of the Middle East. It is also a major transportation hub for passengers and goods in the Middle East. Oil revenue promoted Dubai’s early development, but due to limited reserves and low production levels, after 2010, the oil industry only accounted for less than 5% of Dubai’s GDP. After oil, Dubai’s economy mainly relies on tourism, aviation, real estate and financial services.

Dubai has also attracted the attention of the world through large-scale construction projects and sporting events. Dubai has the world’s tallest man-made building, the Burj Khalifa, and the world’s largest man-made island project, Palm Island. In 2018, it was ranked ninth in the world’s first-tier cities by GaWC.

Because of its substantial market potential, its location and also historic relationship with China; we were so happy to attend the Dubai Advertising Fair held in Dubai on Jan, 2020.

ABCMIX is a leading LED signages manufacturer sinces 2003, for over 18 years, ABCMIX has been designing, manufacturing, marketing and servving of innovative LED signs that assist business expanding.

Brief advantages of ABCMIX LED Signs:

Creative DIY
Random Combining

Throughout the exhibition, our products attracted a lot of wholesalers and retail customers, they showed a great insterests in ABCMIX LED singages.

We wish to establish long-term business partnership with local agent. If you have interests in our LED sign products or want to be our local wholesaler, please don’t be reluctant to get in touch with [email protected] or call: 0086-13580882371.

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