abcMIX LED signages for Sony retail stores logo update and re-branding

abcMIX LED signages for Sony retail stores logo update and re-branding

Sony is a large-scale comprehensive multinational enterprise group that is world-renowned in Japan. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Sony is the world leader in audio-visual, electronic games, communication products, and information technology. It is the pioneer of the world’s earliest portable digital products and one of the most representative manufacturers of digital products in Japan. One of the largest music companies, one of the world’s three major console game giants, and one of the six major Hollywood studios in the United States. Its brands include Xperia, Walkman, Sony Music Entertainment, Columbia Pictures Group, PlayStation, etc.

In 2019, Sony is working hard to do one thing: re-branding.

In the past, they have transformed from a single electronics industry to a multi-field enterprise. However, after multi-field layout, they did not understand for a while how to influence each other to promote brand building. They are still thinking like in the electronic age: Make products and black technology.

After a period of exploration, they realized that the core of connecting multiple fields is actually that people are consumers, and technology is 1, and creating a connection with consumers is the countless zeros that magnify 1 in the back. So, from kando to “Getting closer to people”, Sony is actually doing one thing: transforming into a company that can be called “based on technology to realize the emotional and spiritual pursuit of human nature”.

At the 2019 strategy meeting, Sony formulated a new brand positioning:

First, focus on the development of the game business to enhance the immersion of the future game experience so that users can play anytime, anywhere.

Second, continue to develop new IP, and promote the interaction between film and television IP and game business.

Third, in terms of electronic products, it is proposed to “pursue creation of new value”.

At each point, the ultimate goal is to better serve consumers’ emotions and experience.

As a professional brand logo and LED signages design and manufacturing company, abcMIX is proundly selected to provide LED signages for Sony retail stores update and re-brand, our LED signages has the advantages of uniform lighting, uniform appearance, uniform size, easy installation, and simple maintenance. It provides Sony customers with a more warm and vivid visual experience.

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