Luminous store signboard or non-luminous store signboard, which one is better ?

The shop signage can also be called the store signboard. In fact, everyone expresses it differently, and it is essentially the same product. Of course, different types of store fronts require different types of signs, because different signs have different characteristics and different display effects. This effect usually needs to be consistent with the function of the use scene. Among them, there is a Multiple-choice questions are often mentioned by users, store signboard luminous or not, which one is better ? In fact, this question needs to be analyzed according to the situation. The following will be expanded from three aspects:

1. For the store signs of high-end commercial places, in this case, it usually refers to some shopping centers or commercial complexes. This kind of place has a typical feature, that is, the economy is relatively developed at night, and consumers are also like shopping at night. It is a relatively concentrated consumption period, so this kind of store signboard should naturally adopt a luminous type.

2. For shops where consumer groups are concentrated during the day, this type of scene service is usually provided during the day, and there is basically no need to provide services at night, and there may be no need for opening, such as some non-fresh daily necessities related to wholesale markets. In fact, there are very few shops that operate at night, so there is no need to light up the shop signs in such occasions, that is, there is no need to make a light-emitting effect store signboard.

3. For scenarios that take into account both daytime and nighttime services, there are many scenarios of this type, and there are more common ones in our lives. For example, some catering places are mostly operated during the day and night, and need to attract more customers. Naturally, it is necessary to take care of customer groups in different time periods, so it is necessary to make luminous signs.

According to the analysis of the above three usage scenarios, we have a basic understanding of whether to use luminous signboards or non-luminous signboards in a certain scene. It is not that luminous signs are better than non-luminous signs, and suitable is the best.

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