Why quote from different signages manufacturers so different ?

For users who need signage products, during the inquiries with signage design and production manufacturers, everyone will find an obvious problem, that is, different signage manufacturers have huge differences in the quotations of the same demand product. How to choose? This is a question. The more you compare, the more uncertain you are. The price is not the lowest, only lower. If you choose a low-priced manufacturer, you are worried that the quality will not be guaranteed, and if you choose a high-priced manufacturer, you are worried that you will suffer a loss. It is human nature to have such contradictions in our hearts. It is impossible for ordinary people to grasp the details in fields that we are not familiar with so clearly, and naturally we cannot make accurate judgments. Today, abcMIX will talk about this issue from the perspective of industry insiders, why the quotations given by the same signage design and production manufacturers with the same needs are so different.

The first reason is the brand premium. In the past few decades, the signage industry as a traditional manufacturing industry actually did not have a brand premium. Every manufacturer has no brand value to speak of, there are small signage workshop all over the place. If you hang a light box or a “professional luminous character” at the front of the workshop, there is no such thing as a brand premium, because the brand even does not exist. Going back to the brand premium itself, for example, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz have the same configuration and the same level of models. The price of Mercedes-Benz is often more than 2 times or even higher than that of Toyota. From R&D and design to supply chain to production quality control, the world Toyota seems to have no link weaker than Mercedes-Benz, or even better, but so what? This does not affect the high-end positioning of Mercedes-Benz with a firm price. The high-price strategy can still go sideways in the market, this is the power of brand value. Fortunately, after 18 years development, abcMIX has been built a good reputation among LED signage industry and expanded our sales network to over 80 countries, and has been recognized as a pioneer in LED signage industry.

The second reason is that the raw materials are different. A demand can be achieved through a variety of solutions, and each solution will correspond to a different matching method of raw materials, so there are multiple ways to achieve the same effect for the needs of a marked product. It’s just that each approach has its pros and cons. For example, for a project with luminous characters on the roof, different manufacturers will provide iron-clad character schemes, galvanized sheet large-character schemes, and stainless-steel paint large-character schemes, and each material corresponds to a variety of labels, specifications, and thickness etc, that is, the viewing angle effect that the customer can see is roughly the same, but the price due to the difference in raw materials is worlds apart. If you go deeper, it is actually a difference in product quality, because each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. There is no perfect way. For luminous type sign products, lighting requires a light source. The layman only sees the light, but the expert is different, it is even more complicated than the metal material. There are many kinds of LED light source, and the price is totally different, there is no unified standard. Under normal circumstances, it is worth every penny. After a year and a half, you can basically see the difference between LED light sources of different prices. It is normal for customers do not understand, but manufacturers who have been in the signage industry for many years will not be ignorant. Therefore, the difference in raw materials is one of the important factors that lead to the huge difference in the quotations of LED signage manufacturers;

The third reason is that the process is different. We will take luminous characters as example again here. If there is no special requirement, the combination of metal character shells and acrylic light-transmitting surfaces is a relatively simple and conventional method, and the process of installing LED light strips inside is also relatively easy. However, if the pure metal character scheme is used, it usually needs to be made into a punching type, and the process complexity is much more complicated. Whether it is in the punching or the installation and wiring of the LED chip, it is necessary to carry out color requirements. There are many different ways of coloring processing and paint processing, and the corresponding display effects are also different. Therefore, from the point of view of craftsmanship, it can directly reflect the production strength of a signage manufacturer, perhaps who has advanced machinery and equipment, or the experience level of professional technicians.

The fourth reason is that quality management and service is different. These factors are generally difficult to quantify by methods similar to raw materials. However, the differences between different manufacturers in these details are also huge, and the corresponding costs are far from each other. Product quality also varies. For signage design and production manufacturers, signage products cannot be a one-shot deal. Being responsible for customers means adding points for yourself, and what kind of effort will get what kind of return. Although sometimes it is not immediately reflected.

Through the analysis of the above aspects, we can clearly see why the quotations of different LED sign design company and manufacturers are so different. A high-quality signage product can be found different from the perspective of the product itself or from the perspective of service and brand. Generally speaking, you get what you pay for. Customers need to consider comprehensively when making choices, and make decisions based on their actual needs and positioning.

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