About us

ABCMIX Co.,Ltd Limited originated from FOG Co., Ltd founded in 2003, specialized in the research,development and production of letter signs is committed to satisfying the brand image display of world class brands. In the past 20 years, it has been the VI strategic partner of many well-known multinational companies such as Samsung, Haier, Huawei, and Xiaomi. Over the past two decades, FOG has been deeply aware of limitation of the customized sign products, and witnessed the pain points of many small and medium-sized commercial sign users, it launched ABCMIX in 2019. It was deeply loved by users due to its unique design, convenience and DIY fun from free spelling, as well as versatility of various installation for commercial applications.

Key facts about us


 Founded in 2003,above 20 years of products research expe


Products 2000 molds,ABCMIX have more than 1000 products, and tooled 2000 modes


exhibitions,In the past 5 years, ABCMIX with distributors participated  more than 100 exhibitions for global propagandizing

30 & 100

distributors,ABCMIX currently has 30 distributors covering 100 countries all of the world


Provide users with one-stop solution to acquiring sign and advertisement materials


To be the leading supply platform of standard signs and advertising industry


Leave the complexity to ourselves, leave the simplicity to customers

company culture

Loving, Inclusive ,Joyful

Business Philosophy

leave the complexity to ourselves,leave the simplicity to customers

philosophy with customer

responsibilities,Simmutual enablingplictiy,Dwin-win corporation

corporation mode

Authorized exclusive,Distributorship in a certain region/country

Product innovation is the strengths of ABCMIX. While building sales channels and brands, we have always kept launching new products. At the beginning of 2023, we worked out new series of LED light box product. This offered our existing commercial users more choices. At the end of 2023, based on ABCMIX commercial magnetic letter, we launched warm white magnetic letter which expanded target customer from commercial consumer to individual/personal consumer. The buyer quantity got increased hugely, which brought more business opportunity  to our global partner.

ABCMIX very much care brand building and intellectual property protection . Until now, we have participated in hundreds of exhibitions in more than 30 countries around the world and have also invested heavily for global promotion on Google, Facebook, Alibaba, etc. We have also registered patents and ABCMIX brand trademarks in China, Europe, USA, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Russia, India, Vietnam and etc.

In the future, our strategy will be closely to the three cores of products, brands and channels. Through developing new products or updating existing products to provide more popular products; Through deeper cooperating to consolidate relationships with global partners; Through both online and offline promotion to build ABCMIX into a world-class brand.

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