Why Choose us?

Product innovation is the strengths of ABCMIX. While building sales channels and brands, we have always kept launching new products. At the beginning of 2023, we worked out new series of LED light box product. This offered our existing commercial users more choices. At the end of 2023, based on ABCMIX commercial magnetic letter, we launched warm white magnetic letter which expanded target customer from commercial consumer to individual/personal consumer. The buyer quantity got increased hugely, which brought more business opportunity  to our global partner.

Our advantage

We have products for both commercial and personal consumer purpose. They have multi size, installation options for all kinds of application like desk top, wall mounting, hanging, floor standing, outdoor /indoor.  These product can be sold in a lot of different sale channel for different types of end users. The sales future is very bright.

ABCMIX abides by all of law, rules and regulations and legally accesses local market. We   have got qualification of UL, CUL, FCC, CE, RoHS, PSE, KC, BIS. Our self-owned factory also conforms to ISO 9001, ISA14001, SA8000

We attach great importance to the establishment of its own IP. We have registered the brand trademark of ABCMIX in major countries, In past fives, we have participated in  more than 100 exhibitions around the world. Our distributor will undoubtedly benefits ABCMIX global spreading.

we recruit limited number of exclusive distributor in a specified country or region. This scarce resource can bring our partner monopoly benefits. Each of our products has a laser label where contains the manufacturing date and distributor code. This method can not only control channels but also better provide after-sales service to end users.

Global Exhibition