What Support We Provide to Distributor

We do not only sell products to distributors. We just work with distributors for a bright market. We analyze market, introduce valuable sales channels, make sales strategy and provide a lot of sales support to our distributor partners.

Formal distributor agreement signed

We sign formal contract with all distributors. We issue an official certification of distributor admission.All products have laser labels with distributor code to protect our partners benefits

Provide product training and sales channel development strategy

We are committed to develop partners into experts on ABCMIX products. We also systematically analyze and sort out ABCMIX sales channel, and tell the most valuable customers to distributor. For personal consumer purpose and commercial purpose products we have made an distributor manual respectively, which contain product details , sales channels, customer development strategies.

Sales channel development support

For providing real and virtual shopping experience to buyers, we have made two things for our distributor.One is display board, which can be put in signs and graphic shops for potential buyer experience the products. The board are free of charge, it costs about 150 USD.The other is website. According to individual requirement we can open API to user, or copy website original code to user, or directly give a finish website to user! We have two website one is for personal consumer products, it can realized online business.  The other is for commercial purpose (can not realize online busines, just for showing off products and provide buyer experience and put in cart and send back order list to sellers). The website can be used by distributors themselves and their resellers like signs and graphic shops, and sub-distributor.  In this way, distributor can save a lot of labors time(half a year) and money(30000-50000USD) and they can start selling ABCMIX quickly.

We make professional videos and pictures and share to all distributors

We believe that product application scenario is the best way to allow users to understand the product intuitively and quickly. Therefore, ABCMIX spent a lot of money to hire a professional team to build product application scenarios, shoot and produce a lot of professional photos and video materials, and share these materials with partners for free.

First order preparation for distributor

We will provide professional advice on the first order of distributor. Only the ABCMIX knows which products are best sold. These expert tips help distributor reduce inventory and speed up cash flow.

ABCMIX provides design and decoration solution to exhibition booth, sample room or flagship store

ABCMIX design team  know about ABCMIX brand and products deeper than any others.Their design can better show brand VI and product application.

 ABCMIX provides shopping bags, brochures and other gifts based on purchase amounts.

These detailed additional services can implant ABCMIX brand in buyers minds. Help distributor keep customers, bring more repeated orders.