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Luminous store signboard or non-luminous store signboard, which one is better ?

The shop signage can also be called the store signboard. In fact, everyone expresses it differently, and it is essentially the same product. Of course, different types of store fronts require different types of signs, because different signs have different characteristics and different display effects. This effect usually needs to be consistent with the function […]

4 different signages classified by installation or fixing method

There are many ways to classify signages. For example, we commonly divide them according to materials, usage, and places; each of them can be divided into different categories. In the theory of the signage system, it is also this reason that the specific signage is not bound to a specific classification. In fact, there is […]

4 creative expression methods for desiging customized LED signages

Now the competition in all walks of life is becoming more and more fierce, the customers in the signage industry have higher and higher requirements for products, and the pursuit of creativity is endless. Therefore, sign companies have to carry out rounds of self-revolution to be able to have the opportunity to gain a foothold […]

How to decide the right size for LED signages ?

There are many types of LED signage products, and there are many different shapes and sizes. We can always see all kinds of LED signs in our daily life, but non-professionals have hardly thought about why these LED signages are so big and why is it so small in other scenarios? These all illustrate a […]

What Are The Different Types of Lighted Business Signs

Attracting your target audience requires innovation. You need to think of new ways to get them to take notice of your business. One of the ways you can do this is by turning to lighted business signage. It offers a cost-effective way to advertise your business. In fact, a market survey showed that the cost […]

Why quote from different signages manufacturers so different ?

For users who need signage products, during the inquiries with signage design and production manufacturers, everyone will find an obvious problem, that is, different signage manufacturers have huge differences in the quotations of the same demand product. How to choose? This is a question. The more you compare, the more uncertain you are. The price […]