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LED ADA directional signages helping the disabled navigate with ease

Businesses have a responsibility to help their disabled customers easily navigate the store. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), businesses need to make necessary changes to support people with disabilities. The introduction of ADA signage is one of the changes that it introduced. These signs must fit the requirements as set out by the ADA. The design helps those that have a disability and struggle with navigating businesses. There are many different ways these signs differ from the usual business directional signage as mentioned below.

  1. Use Braille

One of the main differences between ADA signage and normal signage is that it uses braille. It is possibly the most obvious part of the signage that one cannot ignore. Most of ADA signage has braille featured on it. These raised dots are used to form a language that the visually impaired can use to navigate a building. It is important that your office doors have room numbers printed in braille. Even though it might seem that any sign with dots meets the criteria, braille is very strict when it comes to the spacing and height of the letters. Not every sign company understands these details and is able to produce ADA signage. In case the dots are wrong, a visually impaired person would struggle to read the message and would feel unwelcome in the building.

  1. High Contrast

Another distinguishing factor about ADA signage that you need to know about is that it is high contrast. There are many rules that come into play when designing ADA signage. One needs to ensure more than just the proper use of braille. They must incorporate branding. However, it does not mean that your brand colors would satisfy the ADA rules as they require a certain amount of contrast. Hence, you will need to find the right company for the job that would understand that high contrast is necessary for ensuring that the message is readable by even those that suffer from minor visual impairment.

  1. Must Be a Specific Height

Lastly, ADA signage has to be a certain height. You must ensure that the ADA LED signage is placed at the right height. It would ensure that people who read braille do not have trouble trying to read the entire sign. Therefore, it should be anywhere between 40 to 70 inches above the ground.

Choose the Best Company for Designing and Manufacturing ADA Signage

As there are many more ADA signage guidelines that businesses have to follow, it makes sense to hire abcMIX to design ADA signage for your business. The company will help ensure that you are able to cater to customers who are visually impaired and avoid the possibility of your business having to pay hefty penalties and fees. Choosing an expert to help you out will allow your business to meet the necessary conditions as set by the government. Therefore, you simply cannot go wrong with abcMIX. It is your best option when it comes to ADA signage.

What’s more, abcMIX has designed, manufactured many LED ADA signage for healthcare centers, clinics, hospitals and more, and we also have many ready made LED ADA signs that are easy install, uniform lighting, maintenance free and with affordable budget. If you are looking to buy LED ada signages in bulk or want to design your own ada signage mould, please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected] .

abcMIX LED letter signages for Celine shop in Australia

abcMIX LED letter signages for Celine shops in Australia

In this post we will tell you little bit more about our project for Levis, Australia where we installed our magnetic LED letter signs.

Celine is a French ready-to-wear and leather luxury goods brand that has been owned by LVMH group since 1996. It was founded in 1945 by Céline Vipiana. Since November 2015, the headquarters are located at 16 rue Vivienne in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris at the Hôtel Colbert de Torcy, which has French Historic Monument classification.Séverine Merle is the Chief Executive Officer since April 2017.

Celine has a lot of stores in Australia, in 2019, we recommend our patented magentic LED letter signs to a trader in Australia, and he take these magnetic LED letter signs to Celine, Australia branch, Celine Australia think abcMIX magentic LED letters signs is cool, and with our LED letter signs, they can show customer with more uniform discount, opening information etc, and can save a lot of time and labor cost. abcMIX magentic LED letter signs brought a good buying experience to their customers.

“You and your teams are so professional ! We are more than happy with abcMIX LED signages. Believe that our cooperation will be longer and larger, i will recommend your LED signages to our headquarter, and soon you will seen Celine stores all over the world using abcMIX LED signages.” said purchasing director of Celine, Australia.

In short, abcMIX’s magnetic LED letter signages like have these benefits:

  • Freedom mixing
  • Saving electricity bill
  • Lower installation costs
  • Ready in stock, shorten project time
  • No maintenance costs due to long life span

If you looking for magnetic LED letter signages or other LED signage products in Australia, please don’t heistate to email [email protected], one of our professional sales representative or our local dealer will contact you as soon as possbile.

abcMIX LED signages for Sony retail stores logo update and re-branding

abcMIX LED signages for Sony retail stores logo update and re-branding

Sony is a large-scale comprehensive multinational enterprise group that is world-renowned in Japan. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Sony is the world leader in audio-visual, electronic games, communication products, and information technology. It is the pioneer of the world’s earliest portable digital products and one of the most representative manufacturers of digital products in Japan. One of the largest music companies, one of the world’s three major console game giants, and one of the six major Hollywood studios in the United States. Its brands include Xperia, Walkman, Sony Music Entertainment, Columbia Pictures Group, PlayStation, etc.

In 2019, Sony is working hard to do one thing: re-branding.

In the past, they have transformed from a single electronics industry to a multi-field enterprise. However, after multi-field layout, they did not understand for a while how to influence each other to promote brand building. They are still thinking like in the electronic age: Make products and black technology.

After a period of exploration, they realized that the core of connecting multiple fields is actually that people are consumers, and technology is 1, and creating a connection with consumers is the countless zeros that magnify 1 in the back. So, from kando to “Getting closer to people”, Sony is actually doing one thing: transforming into a company that can be called “based on technology to realize the emotional and spiritual pursuit of human nature”.

At the 2019 strategy meeting, Sony formulated a new brand positioning:

First, focus on the development of the game business to enhance the immersion of the future game experience so that users can play anytime, anywhere.

Second, continue to develop new IP, and promote the interaction between film and television IP and game business.

Third, in terms of electronic products, it is proposed to “pursue creation of new value”.

At each point, the ultimate goal is to better serve consumers’ emotions and experience.

As a professional brand logo and LED signages design and manufacturing company, abcMIX is proundly selected to provide LED signages for Sony retail stores update and re-brand, our LED signages has the advantages of uniform lighting, uniform appearance, uniform size, easy installation, and simple maintenance. It provides Sony customers with a more warm and vivid visual experience.

abcMIX LED Signages for Starbucks Coffee Shops Brand Update

abcMIX LED Signages for Starbucks Coffee Shops Brand Update

Starbucks Coffee Company was established in 1971 and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. It is committed to ethically sourcing and roasting the world’s high-quality Arabica coffee. In 82 markets around the world, Starbucks has more than 32,000 stores and is the No.1 professional coffee roasters and retailers.

As the world’s largest chain coffee store, Starbucks has successfully attracted consumers from all over the world with its unique brand culture and experiential marketing strategy. Coffee is not only a simple drink, but also a process of people’s social needs and the pursuit of self-worth. Starbucks firmly grasps the psychological needs of consumers, pays attention to brand promotion, and maximizes the personalization of consumers. Maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty.

First of all, Starbucks brings a different experience to customers from objective conditions. On the one hand, Starbucks has spent advertising costs to train its employees and provide salary incentives, so that each of them has the ability to become an expert in Starbucks coffee, and they can better interact with consumers, provide high-quality services, and get feedback from consumers. On the other hand, Starbucks also created warm lighting and soft music, so that consumers can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of coffee. In addition, Starbucks has established cooperative relationships with coffee bean growers in Indonesia, East Africa and Latin America to select the best quality coffee beans, just to ensure the natural aroma of the products.

Second, Starbucks puts the subjective experience of customers first. Every customer who walks into Starbucks will feel a sense of security and belonging. Here, customers can completely relax, enjoy their personal space, read books, and chat. This is a dual experience of emotion and soul. Starbucks adopts a self-service business method. Customers can wait at the table or go to the waiting area to observe the process of making coffee. Consumers have profound experiences from the senses to emotions, so they can leave deep memories and provide the possibility for their repeated experiences.

As a professional brand logo and LED signages design and manufacturing company, abcMIX is fortunate to provide LED signages for Starbucks brand upate with features of uniform lighting, uniform appearance, uniform size, easy installation, and simple maintenance. It provides Starbucks customers with a more warm and vivid visual experience.